Let's get to know each other

I’ve always poured over photos from family albums—how important it was to have had tangible pages to turn while I learned the wild tales of the people in my life. The photos I lingered on the most weren’t the ones where everyone smiled at the camera; they always had a bit of mystery because they were freezing a moment in time that would never occur again. The photos that draw me in are the ones that show connection and wonder, that are unscripted and messy. That speak to what it means to be human. Where, no matter who is in the picture, we can see a part of ourselves.

   I’ve been working towards this my whole life. Noticing the little details in a moment that might pass others by. The way the light and shadow move. The scent of honeysuckle that slows time on a summer evening. The sounds of wind moving through the leaves. I see the connection in the small moments, glances, nudges, even tears. I don’t set out for perfection. I want to show the depth of goodness radiating from your life. As someone who has fought hard to see the beauty and worth within myself, I want to hold up a vision of who you and your loved ones are. Not an imaginary vision, but one that’s more honest than what we see in the reflection of a mirror. I create a space where you’re encouraged to be your truest self. Not as some tidy, flawless image, but the indisputable beauty found in the details of the moment and the connection between souls.

   I'm a mother to three imaginative and messy kids. We live for adventure and time in nature. I'm never more at home than when my bare feet are walking the earth. I’m a textbook enneagram 4w5, which means I’m a dreamer, I long for soul-stirring conversations, I’m often living in a state of nostalgia--even for the future--and I revel in authenticity. I can’t help but be awkward in social situations, but I come alive with my camera in my hand. I love to travel and seek new experiences. And I am undone anytime I witness a woman coming home to herself.

If you think we'd be a great fit--meaning you crave REAL over perfect--I'd love to hear from you!

Kind words

Linn & Darlene

“These photos brought my husband and I closer together. We were going through a difficult time in our relationship and looking at these pictures of ourselves, through Rachel's eyes, brought a measure of healing and peace back into our relationship.”

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